Season 1

Anab Jain

Anab Jain is a designer, futurist, filmmaker, and writer. We talked to Anab about the wild world of future-oriented thinking, our hyper-connected planet, and about an anthropologist and a mushroom that inspired much of her work.

Jude Kelly

Jude Kelly is a British theatre director and producer. Jude talked to us about growing up in ‘50s Liverpool, finding and fostering revolutionary theatre, and about a woman many refer to as ‘The Mother of Modern Theatre’.

Rachel Weiss

Aleks Krotoski talks to L’Oréal’s Rachel Weiss about bringing together her two great loves, make-up and technology, and about being an early adopter of podcasting, blogging, online dating, and beauty-blogging.

Anna Higgs

Anna Higgs is a producer and executive working in the intersection between film and digital storytelling. Anna talked to us about finding your way up the rickety climbing frame to success in a creative field, why she was sneered at at Film School, and about an movie giant who produced some of the most icon movies ever made.

Beth Comstock

Beth talked to us about the secret to getting big established companies to take risks, how to be creative in helping them grow and innovate, and about an inspirational figure who used empty boxes as a tool for creative thinking. 

Season 1 Trailer

Coming soon, Standing on the Shoulders. Aleks Krotoski chats to innovators and visionaries about what they’ve learned from inspirational giants that shaped their lives.